Ice Report

ref.: ice report week 16 / 2023 / st.petersburg + ust-luga + vyborg/vysotsk
current weather: -1C / +12C, partly cloudy
rapid ice destruction is in progress further.
in the harbours of the port of st.petersburg and farther westward
on approached - mainly open water.
port ice breaker ‘mudjug’ is on stand-by to assist
in the top of vyborg bay including port of vysotsk –  very open drifting melting ice.
port ice breakers ‘kapitan izmailov’ is on stand-by to assist
in the port of ust-luga and on approaches – open water.
ice breakers which is on stand-by to assist on approaches to ports
  ‘viktor chernomyrdin’
pls find attached ice chart (rcvd from
+photos of inner harbours
It is forecasted that the eastern part of gulf of finland will be fully ice free by mid-end of April 2023,
which is close to mean annual periods.
pls find below ice class restrictions for st.petersburg during last years asf:
1999/2000 jan 26th 2000 apr 17th 2000
2000/2001 feb 5th 2001 apr 17th 2001
2001/2002 jan 1st 2002 apr 4th 2002
2002/2003 dec 9th 2002 may 5th 2003 (abnormal severe winter)
2003/2004 feb 1st 2004 apr 19th 2004
2004/2005 feb 2nd 2005 apr 15th 2005
2005/2006 jan 6th 2006 apr 28th 2006
2006/2007 feb 1st 2007 apr 06th 2007
2007/2008 jan 10th 2008 apr 04th 2008
2008/2009 jan 05th 2009 apr 06th 2009
2009/2010 dec 22nd 2009 apr 26th 2010 (severe winter)
2010/2011 dec 6th 2010 may 7th 2011 (extremely severe winter)
2011/2012 jan 27th 2012 apr 25th 2012
2012/2013 feb 20th 2013 mar 19th 2013
2013/2014 no min ice class restrictions (mild winter)
2014/2015 no min ice class restrictions (mild winter)
2015/2016 no min ice class restrictions (mild winter)
2016/2017 no min ice class restrictions (mild winter)
2017/2018 mar 07th 2018 apr 14th 2018
2018/2019 no min ice class restrictions (mild winter)
2019/2020 no min ice class restrictions (extremely mild winter)
2020/2021 no min ice class restrictions (mild/moderate winter)
2021/2022 no min ice class restrictions (mild/moderate winter)
2022/2023 no min ice class restrictions (mild winter)
local ice breakers fleet will standby to assist
the forthcoming ice traffic to ports of st.petersburg, vysotsk,
primorsk, vyborg and ust-luga.
there are 6 liner ice breakers: ‘kapitan sorokin’, ‘murmansk’,
‘kapitan nokolaev’, ‘vladivostok’, ‘viktor chernomyrdin’, ‘kapitan dranitsyn’
there are 6 port ice breakers: ‘mudjug’, ‘semyon dezhnev’, ‘ivan kruzenshtern’, ‘kapitan plakhin’,
‘kapitan kosolapov’, 'kapitan izmailov'
for updated ice conditions report/forecast pls visit our home page
HM office warning:
All ships proceeding in ice conditions to and out of the sea port when in ice convoy with ice-breaker
shall ensure manual mode of  the main engine control whenever necessary.
Ship’s company manual must have ice clause (instructions from Owners)
in case of its absence PSC/MoU may punish the master/vsl
should you require any further information/assistance
please do not hesitate to contact us at any time
 Ice Chart was taken from the site of  Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute